Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell publican disco juntos “Sing into My Mouth”

Iron & Wine de la mano de Sam Beam junto a Ben Bridwell vocalista de Band of Horses para realizar un disco de versiones llamado “Sing into My Mouth” el 17 de julio, con temas originales de Talking Heads, Bonnie Raitt, Ronnie Lane, John Cale, Sade, Unicorn, El Perro del Mar, JJ Cale, Them Two, Pete Seeger, Marshall Trucker Band y Spiritualized.

Escucha el nuevo disco Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell, “Sing into My Mouth” 

Listado de canciones de “Sing into My Mouth”, nuevo disco de Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell

1. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) (Talking Heads)
2. Done This One Before (Ronnie Lane)
3. Any Day Woman (Bonnie Raitt)
4. You Know Me More than I Know (John Cale)
5. Bulletproof Soul (Sade)
6. There’s No Way Out of Here (Unicorn)
7. God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)(El Perro del Mar)
8. The Straight and Narrow (Spiritualized)
9. Magnolia (JJ Cale)
10. Am I a Good Man? (Them Two)
11. Ab’s Song (Marshall Tucker Band)
12. Coyote, My Little Brother (Pete Seeger)


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